2014 NFL Lock’s: Week 13 “Whizgiving” Edition

With the NFL season heating up, so do my NFL picks, which will be here for you
each and every week to help you win your pick-em-pool, embarrass your friends,
and just become a more whole football fan and human being. I will take a look at
five games each week with the best value and rate them on a sliding lock of the
week 1-10 scale. I have been on fire for you all season long and do not expect
to slow down anytime soon. Here is our yearly special Thanksgiving edition where I pick all three T-Day games to help you win some space bucks while enjoy your feast with family and friends…. And….Here….We….Go!

DTM Song Of The Week:  Adam Sandler “Thanksgiving Song”

Leave it to the Sandman to get is in a festive move. He changed the world with the Chanukah Song, and now he does T-Day is super high fashion.


Seattle Seahwaks at San Francisco 49’ers 8:30 PM EST Sunday TV NFL Network (Niners -1.5)

Aside from Richard Sherman talking to a cardboard cutout of Doug Baldwin (http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/eye-on-football/24840217/watch-richard-sherman-bashes-nfl-with-doug-baldwin-cutout), the only voices in the Hawks heads are desperate ones as of late. The Hawks come into this game a couple games behind first place Arizona, but tied with the up and down Niners who have been solid as of late winning three in a row. Seattle needs this game as bad as the reigning Super bowl champs have needed one any time this season. Look for Pete “Christmas ” Carroll to get an early holiday present as his team plays its best game of the year to cap off a great Thanksgiving viewing day with family , friends, and absurd amounts of pie:)

7.1 Sides of Cranberries on DTM Lock of the Week Meter – Seattle +1.5

Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions   12:30 p.m. EST Thursday TV CBS 62 Radio 97.1 The Ticket (Lions-7)
Yes, The Lions haven’t scored a touchdown in eight quarters, 21 possessions, 124,546 second or what feels like that many, but this….is…..the….BEARS. Chicago has by hook or crook one too in a row , but this is still an awful team with an atrocious defense. The one thing that scares you if your a Lions fan is that the Bears are playing better on the road then at Soldier Field. It won’t matter though.

The Lions had two golden opportunities to make huge statements on the road and after a close loss they could have found a way to win in AZ and a lambasting in New England, this teams needs to simply get right. The Bears are a team they can do that against and the get their sputtering offense to resemble one that should function properly on Earth and not on Neptune. Look for the Lions , who know how big these next three home games are, to never be in trouble in this one.


7.4 Turkey Legs on DTM Lock of the Week Meter – Lions -7

Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys  4:30 p.m. EST Thursday TV FOX  (Cowboys -3)

Both these teams are finding ways to play great football despite each having its own depth issues. The Cowboys were without Tony Romo for a short stretch , but never really were hurt by it. The Igles somehow, someway are getting it done with the Sanchize at the helm. This game might end up being what wins one of these team the NFC East with both teams tied atop the division at 8-3 and there is simply no way to trust the former Jet, Trojan, and Double Dare contestant Sanchez to get it done. The Boys might take this one going away and Troy Aikman’s Galloping Gobbler will be a total after thought when given to DeMarco Murray after a 280 yard three Touchdown day.

8 Turkey Gobblets on DTM Lock of the Week Meter – Cowboys-3 (buy down to 2.5)

ODDS TIDBIT—– Lions drop to 16-1 to win NFC and drop to 33-1 to win Super Bowl XLIX after thrashing by Pats. were previously 11-1 and 25-1 . Lions now +$400 to win NFC North after being +$320 last week with Packers the fave at -$700, their highest odds of the season.

Last week 1-4 Super Rats Sticks

Last Thanksgiving- Six helpings of Turkey, exquisite stuffing. four cranberries, and two slices of Rhubarb and Pumpkin Pie—–Oh and 3-0!
DTM’S 2014 Record ATS:37-23
DTM’s 2013 Record ATS:43-26

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