2016 CFL Regular Season Opens

We are going to address the 2016 CFL Regular Season as it pertains to profitability in betting on itself and the college/pro product in the USA.  Good afternoon to all those who read APEX Football Betting.  The benefits of learning and betting on Canadian Football is immense for your bankroll.  A summer product with a smaller amount of teams in the league.  Let us break down the home opener and get our minds back in the mold of betting football.

2016 CFL Regular Season : Hamilton at Toronto

Nine teams in a league where the games are spread out over the week.  This allows for the talent pool to not be as diluted as the NFL.  A steadier environment to allow our wagering acumen to develop and expand.  Take for tonight the home opener at 7:30 PM.  Toronto opens their home stadium.  Their starting quarterback is reporting that he is pain free for the first time in years.  All of this in front of a fanbase just looking for a reason to rally around their home team after lean seasons.  Take this all into account and look at this angle.

Totals for the Game

Between Hamilton and Toronto tonight, the game is at 53 points in terms of the total at Americas Bookie and other quality sportsbooks.  Here is where knowing your league pays off.  Biggest complaint about the CFL from the fans point of view is the increase of penalty calls on the offense.  Totals have been down for the last two years.  However, the league office has changed the rules to allow for much more motion in the offense.  This and other tweaks is giving the offense a great deal more freedom in their operations.  Hence, the projection on this and other games should be skewed to the over until the full situation can be appreciated.

This type of logic chain and its application gets us stoked for American Football.  While we are waiting for the NFL and NCAAF, we can pluck profit for the CFL.  Hop on this train to valuetown right now at Americas Bookie.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at APEX Football Betting.