2016 NFL Preseason Peek

Under 100 days to the regular season means that we need a 2016 NFL Preseason peek to percolate our passions.  Good Day to all APEX Football Betting Fans.  We open up the books and take a gander ahead to the four weeks of preseason.  Most of the first week is a wipe except for the initial game to fan the embers from the last year.  We look at the more interesting games in the schedule and point a direction in determining the depth of some of the teams on the cusp of great improvement in 2016-17.

2016 NFL Preseason Peek : Hall of Fame Game

The extra game in the schedule to make five belong to the Colts and Packers as they are the lone game to accompany the new class of inductees into the NFL Hall of Fame.  Green Bay has been the more fragile of the two teams with key injuries and attrition affecting them.  No one wants the extra game but it helps to have the combatants have playoff hope next year.  Colts will be able to use this extra time better but expect little more than a game of flag football for the starters.  Second half will be much more heavily contested than the initial going through the motions first quarter.  August 7th 8PM in Canton, Ohio.

Key Preseason Games : Week Three

While meaning nothing towards standings, the longest clash between starters almost always happens in week three.  Take a look at some of the up and comers who get to test their mettle against established teams.

  • Cincinnati at Jacksonville August 28th.  Get to have a feel about Jacksonville’s development both of youth and depth in this game.
  • Arizona @ Houston August 28th  While not revealing key offensive developments, it could get interesting to see Brock whip it all around a very good Cardinals defense.
  • Cowboys @ Seahawks August 25th  Just enough to get the rust off of Romo without getting hit.  This will examine the depth of the backfield of the Cowboys.  Running back depth will be tested through out this game.
  • Buffalo at Washington August 26th Interesting to see how hard Rex will go in this game.  He has a deep defense and good skill players but few are sure how deep the depth goes offensively.  Tyrod should be strictly a pocket passer in the preseason.  Advantage Washington.

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