Sanchez Your Starting QB in Philadelphia?

A spin on Deflate – Gate was offered in that the Colts sent the league office an email.  In this correspondence, they detailed exactly what to look for.  Tin foil hat brigades and other people who believe the “truth is out there” immediately took off for the hills of the Internet.  One of those who have more than a passing interest in this spoke out on this issue.  Read along with Apex Football Betting on this and which Eagles QB has some far out thinking for the starting job this year.

Breathilizer for Mark Sanchez

Few questioned the logic of Mark Sanchez signing with the Eagles.  He did a decent job as the back up and Chip’s system is a boon for QB stats.  Couple that with new QB Sam’s bad health history and he could swoop in for some sizable playing time.  That being said, Mark has taken all of these factors and come up with his own conclusion.  He should be the starting quarterback and that the job is wide open next year.  The hole in the logic here is that Bradford is getting paid a ton.  Money promotes like few other factors in the NFL.  Philadelphia will give Sam a ton of rope to roam this year.

Slanted View

One of the more interesting and bias views on this issue came from Brady’s agent.  Another name for this has been tossed around and it is “FrameGate.”  Now Don Yee has ran with this and gone even further.  He insists that the Patriots are the victims of a sting.  A bias investigator and only using limited transcripts would have the public believe his client was knowledgeable about this.  The innocent until proven guilty drum is being banged rather heavy handed in this case.

So the Colts are getting some heat for expressing a sentiment that is widely held in the league.  That the Pats are known for this and that they should be taken to task because of it.  Because Tom’s grip is not optimal with a properly inflated ball, Indy ascertains that the Pats do this all the time so he can  hold it better.  Now that the loop hole is closed, we will see how Tom flings it in 2015.