AFC Futures : Over Optimistic About Denver? 4/14

One of the more popular and profitable AFC futures on the market is to wager on who gets to Super Bowl LI.  The market has been set but it is by no mean in cement.  Usual suspects are the top two with several teams nipping at their heels.  However, these candidates have not caught up in price.  Now is the time to pounce on some of these darkhorses before the market corrects itself.

AFC Futures : Denver Without Key Cog

Not since Ray Lewis and his Baltimore Ravens has a team been thought of this highly without a quality signal caller.  The market is lead by America’s Bookie in offering the best bang for your buck in AFC Futures.  What have they set the line at for the reigning champs?

  • Denver +450 to Advance to Super Bowl LI

What keeps this price this low is the Denver defense.  They restrict ball movement like few others have in the game.  The key factor for this movement is the ability of GM John Elway of finding a second signal caller.  Brock bolted and they signed Mark Sanchez as one part of the puzzle.  However, he is not the key cog.  Ryan Fitzpartick is the only free agent that is above Sanchez.  His price tag does not fit in Elway’s stated budget.  If he blinks then look for the Broncos to splash some money around. When that happens, the price most certainly will go down.  Invest now if you have confidence in the Broncos for 2016.

Other Candidates

Favorite is the New England Patriots near +250.  Part of this price is the brand name of Tom Brady.  Until he retires, a certain segment of the population will pound this offering.  After that the water gets murky, Kansas City is a poor man’s Denver.  +700 is great if one wants to bet against Denver improving their quarterback situation.  Offensive fireworks might carry this division.  If this is your mindset then the Steelers are the team to invest with at +350.  In this pass happy league, those that can score a ton usually find a way to the playoffs. Pittsburgh is that team.

APEX Football Betting will sprinkle some on the Texans at +1250.  With Brock calling the signals, the upgrade is the last piece of the puzzle for a team ready to take on all comers.  They have an equal defense to the Broncos in many regards.  Get those sports investments in right now.  The market will shift as soon as Denver’s QB situation stabilizes.  Good fortune in this and we will see you next week here at APEX Football Betting.