Always Opt For Offshore with America’s Bookie

Football wagering is a serious passion that takes moments to know and a lifetime to master.  The depths of stats and metrics alone can make those of us who are number gurus profitable each and every week.  That is not the only path to plenty as experience combined with a discerning eye give some people the gift of just selecting winners.  Whichever camp you are in, there is an issue that should not divert one iota of attention from your hobby.  The question on whether to utilize a local bookie or wager offshore has been solved by those who use America’s Bookie for their football betting purposes.

Clarity with Offshore

When using a local, most of us have known someone who had an experience that did not go well.  Face it, he can not answer his phone 24/7.  This resorts to more impersonal forms of contact like email or voice mail.  Problems can occur in using the local bookie with wagers that were never received or him not honoring your message because the line moved against him.  Offshore with America’s Bookie never encounters that problem.  Easy to navigate software lets me not only place my bet with ease but gives me a distinct receipt for our record keeping.  It is transparent between me and the book and invisible to the rest of the world.  Informative websites like High Street Betting . Com cover in depth the issue of whether the savvy investor should go local or utilize offshore for sports investment purposes.

Long Live the Eagles for 2016

Why go offshore for football?  At America’s Bookie, I can reserve the lines for Week One right now by placing a bet on the line they posted.  One may ask why would one opt for this long term investment right now in the spring.  The reason is simple.  Situations that are in flux can become crystal clear at a moment’s notice.  Sam Bradford was adamant about trade options when the Eagles selected a QB in the 2016 draft.  No viable scenarios played out and the Eagles are much better off for it.  Instead of a one year rebuilding mode, they have an experienced arm that can churn out yards.  Options like betting the over on season wins and securing -7 against the hapless Browns in week one are more straight forward and secure at America’s Bookie over someone with a notebook keeping records like a local.

An often debated situation has a straight forward answer.  For football betting purposes, the local vs offshore debate has raged on.  Our friends at High Street Betting have given us the pros and cons of the issue.  However with the rock solid reputation of America’s Bookie, one can understand why they have loyal customers for over a decade.  Cash in hand quickly from a sportsbook that treats your cashouts like how the competition does your deposits.  Good fortune this week and we will see you next time here at APEX Football Betting.