Two $3000 Sportsbook NFL Contests

As August approaches, a promotion that stands out features two $3000 Sportsbook NFL Contests.  Good afternoon and welcome back to APEX Football Betting.  Teams are reporting to training camp getting ready for the 2016 season.  Why even the NY Jets have gotten serious and signed Ryan Fitzpatrick to a one year deal?  With the rosters starting to take shape so should our bankrolls to profit from this fall’s football action.  Let us examine one of the best perks to profit on from an established and secure sportsbook on the Internet.

Sportsbook NFL Contest : Last Man Standing from America’s Bookie

NFL action is going to be here and we can not be more excited.  Places like Tampa Bay are going all in with their proclamation that Winston at QB is the face of the franchise.  A long way from lifting crab legs at Florida State.  Now your bankroll can a boost in living like that.  When it is time to load up to capitalize on your superior sports wisdom, Americas Bookie should be your primary destination.  Not only does one get rapid payouts, good lines, and free plays but now they have not one but two Last Man Standing Contests to play.

Easy Way to Root for a Team Each Week

Those that deposit $400 into their sportsbook account will get an entry.  Individuals that like to make bold moves during the season and deposit $1,000 gain three entries.  The contest is straight forward.  Each week pick one team that will win.  Those that are successful advance while the others are eliminated.  Last one still in the contest wins the entire $3,000.  Now those that get eliminated in the early going can elect to enter into the second contest that starts on Week Five.  Two chances to nibble at the apple.  All the details on how to qualify is at the link in the previous paragraph.

Perks like these, Club33, and the free plays allow Americas Bookie to say thank you to their customers.  Their best testimony is their sterling reputation in payouts.  We all have to worry about the results on the field but not afterwards with Americas Bookie in our corner.  Good fortune this week and we will be back next time to report on the progress some teams are making in their training camps.