Best College QBs for 2016

Potent offenses propelled by the Best College QBs for 2016 should bring you wagering success next season.  Good afternoon and welcome to APEX Football Betting.  Today, we go over some of the best returning and new signal callers for college football.  Clemson quarterback will be up there as well as the Sooners main man but who could surprise you next year.  Let us look right now here at APEX Football Betting.

Best College QB’s : DeShaun Outshines Them All

He tore apart the Crimson Tide defense in the Championship Game.  Now he comes back with another year under his belt.  Not only that but he now has a healthy Mike Williams as well as all the pivotal pieces coming back for 2016.  DeShaun Watson is at the top and there is only a fight for the #2 slot.  Look for the Tigers to dominate their opposition and make another run not only in the ACC but the national title chase.

Best of the Rest

This is not to say there are not a lot of quality quarterbacks but just that DeShaun is alone on Olympus.  Let us look at some others that will light it up this fall.

  • Baker Mayfield of Oklahoma – Can not be flustered.  Comfortable in the air raid system and when he has to go impromptu.  His decision making is one of the best in the game and will not derail the Sooners by his few mistakes.
  • Bruin’s Josh Rosen – Biggest leaps in improvement occur from game one to two and year one to two.  Josh had one of the better freshman seasons we have seen in a long time.  Near 3,700 yards with an over two to one td to interception ratio.  With the picks projected to go down, Bruins might fulfill their potential this year.
  • CJ Berthard Iowa – No surprise factor this year as people will be gunning for Iowa.  Good news for the Hawkeyes is that their QB is healthy to start the season.  Last year he manned up through a variety of slowing bumps and bruises.  He should be able to take the leap from game manager to offensive general this season.

It should be no surprise that these teams lead the discussion for dominance in their division or conference.  APEX Football Betting implores you to deposit and wager summer sports like baseball at Americas Bookie.  Get the handicapping muscles back in shape before the heavy lifting of the big bets for college football.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at APEX Football Betting.