Bills Defacto Home Team with Linesmakers Also On Monday

Feet of snow sent everyone related to Buffalo Bills (5-5) scrambling to save the home game.  Alas the weather was not agreeable and the NFL set in motion an emergency plan.  The game is to be relocated to the home of the Detroit Lions, Ford Field.  On Monday at 7PM, both the Jets (2-8) and the Bills will be the road teams when they hit the field at 7PM.  Not only does Jim Schwartz get to go home yet again but the Bills have been given the customary three point benefit of the doubt from the linesmakers.  In a game where many factors have been convoluted, is there a definite play in the air here?

Further Away for a Meaningless Game

Much of the nation has to feel for the NY Jets.  Rex Ryan is essentially  a lame duck as the franchise is sorely in need of  reboot in the coaching staff.  Even the attempt to conjure lighting in a bottle with Michael Vick has not gone great.  With Mark Sanchez lighting it up with the Eagles, the question of inferior offensive schemes has become more valid.  With little night life in Detroit and it being snowy and cold, the Jets will be in an almost surrender mode.  Saving graces that might keep them in this game is that the defense has given up a lot of points but not that much yardage.  With Buffalo liking to travel the field and then have red zone problems, the Jets could actually turn in a decent defensive performance if they are close going into the half.

NFL Free Pick Bills

Orton’s Arm

Buffalo’s rushing game is up in the air.  Jackson is dinged up and we still do not know his exact status going into this one as the running back.  Without him, they hit the line and just fall down.  Now the key is Sammy Watkins and Robert Woods.  These players get the most advantage from the shift of the game from Buffalo.  Orton should be able to throw better balls to them at this point.  Being 5-5, desperation is needed to get them into the playoffs.  Kyle has enough experience to let it fly against this defense.  If they decoy the run in this one, they are going to be better served.

Normally, the over would be ripe for this one but with the Jets you have to shudder.  The Bills team total at 22 is quite a bit over their season average of twenty per game.  This leaves the spread.  In Buffalo, it was -4.5.  At Detroit, it is near -3 for the Bills.  Buffalo’s advantage here is greater because the talent differential is allowed to rise with dome weather.  With Jim Schwartz being really familiar with the area and Ford Field, the Bills roll in this one.  The play for this is the Bills -3.  Good fortune and enjoy this unique event in Monday Night Football history.