Can Carolina Carry the Day Against Romo on Thanksgiving?

The game with the most up and down in wagering is the afternoon affair on Thanksgiving.  People are so ready to believe in Romo and at the same time push aside Carolina’s perfect start (10-0).  A 3-7 team that is the favorite in some circles as Dallas host the Panthers this afternoon.  So carve up that turkey and let it rest because we have a juicy Free Pick to Pound for the growth of your holiday bankroll.

Dez is not 100 Percent

Dallas is still a little dinged up for this one.  First off, Dez can run but has a hard time pushing off on some of his moves.  With that not being enough, Dallas is in the quick turnaround stage with two physical teams being bookended.  They had to travel to Miami who still likes to hit hard even though their season is gone.  Now they get an even more physical defense that will pound them in the form of the Panthers.  Just because the mind wills it does not equate to the body being able to respond.  Remember this team basically packed it in for seven straight games.  Would you trust them now that they want to try?

Three Tier Rushing Attack

Fullback, running back, and QB all take turns making mincemeat out of the defense.  Even when a team sells completely out to stop it then Can throws for five touchdowns like he did against Washington.  This is not your one dimensional Panthers anymore.  A complete team on both sides of the ball that rank in the top five of the league in team stats.  With a win in Dallas, the burial of the NFC South will be complete.

A throwback of a team in the era of quick passing.  Chip Kelly’s systems have flunked out because they lack the fundamentals.  This Panthers team is immersed in them.  The weather will not be the factor it is in Green Bay.  Your free pick to plunder is the Panthers ML.  Take on that turkey today in the knowledge that your bankroll will expand with your waist after this feast.