NFL Betting – Are You Prepared for the Football Season

The NFL season is here, and the question is, are you prepared for it? Do you know how you want to bet this year and do you have a plan, a strategy? If you do not, then you must get one quickly. Betting on the NFL is an investment that must be taken seriously. You

Super Bowl 2019 Who’s Got the Goods? – A too Early Look

The 17/18 NFL season is but a distant memory but what a grand memory it was for the city of Philadelphia and every Eagles fan on the planet! The football gurus got this one wrong, the prognosticators, the crusty old wise guys in their paneled, smoke-filled Vegas halls, and the network talking heads, they were

American Athletic Recruiting & National Signing

The key get was Justin Rogers, a big quarterback with the upside, size and skills to potentially take over for Kenny Hill right away. Eventually, he’ll have a nice targets to throw to from this class with – again – a ton of speed coming in.

Breakdown, Strength, Star, What’s Missing

As always, head coach Gary Patterson is going after players who can move, and then he’ll find things to do with them. That’s why a do-it-all weapon like Taye Barber can be signed on, and then have it all figured out later.