Post Draft Super Bowl Futures Update

Let’s update the post draft Super Bowl futures! Key Points – NFL draft had some impact on the Super Bowl futures market. – The defending champion Los Angeles Rams are not among the favorites to win next year’s Super Bowl. Post Draft Super Bowl Futures The NFL draft has come and gone once again and

Explaining Football Line Movements

Football line movements can tell a bettor a lot. But you need to do the right thing, with the right information. Key Points – Line movements in football occur for a number of reasons. – Football line movements give bettors some information they can use to make better betting decisions. Football Line Movements One of

Best PPH for Football

Are you looking for the best PPH for football? Read on. Key Points – Finding the best PPH for football is important since the sport brings in the most action among all US sports. – In finding the best PPH for football, there are factors other than football that must be considered. The most watched

Betting NFL Teasers

Betting NFL teasers can be both fun and profitable. Key Points Successful NFL teaser betting begins with understanding the key numbers or the most common scoring margins. NFL teaser betting strategy includes crossing key numbers, not crossing zero, looking for short underdogs and long favorites, and shopping for the best prices. For those unaware, a

Handicapping Tips & Strategies for Betting on Football

Everyone likes to talk about betting on football! Football in the United States is arguably one of the most popular sports when it comes to sports betting in the world. The NFL and NCAA Football have grown in popularity, and with the growth of sports betting worldwide, football is only gaining momentum with consumers.  When

Betting Football – Have You Decided on a Sportsbook?

Football fans the time is now. If you have not decided where to plunk down the cash this year, you need to do so quickly. With College football in full swing and the NFL regular season right around the corner; there is no time to waste. Choose wisely this year. You simply can’t afford not

Jets Bills Start NFL Schedule Week 2 Betting

Quite a line movement in the Jets Bills announces the arrival of NFL Schedule Week 2 action this Thursday night.  Excitement abounds here at APEX Football Betting as two desperate AFC East teams collide in prime time for our wagering pleasure.  Both teams at 0-1 are already in dire straits.  This is compounded by the

College Football Week Two Poll

Dust has settled and we are ready to progress to College Football Week Two Poll now that we have had our first peek last holiday weekend.  Wonderful to see everyone here at APEX Football Betting.  Some people have pegged the previous action that Alabama is pretty good and everyone else pales in comparison.  This could

If Ever Oakland is Going to Do it

Rare times and omens abound when a Raiders team can win in Denver these days.  Doormats in the AFC West no more, Oakland is climbing back up to respectability.  At 5-7, the troops are rallied to try to get to 8-8 for a .500 season.  They have the offensive talent but can it all come

How to Bet on Football Teasers

A “teaser,” when it gets right down to it, is actually a parlay bet, except that you have changed the pointspread for each team. So you have moved the line a certain number of points to YOUR benefit. It is an extremely popular bet to make, and it is something that a smart sports bettor