How to Wager on NFL MVP Futures

The NFL MVP futures market, as well as the rest of the NFL futures, opens right after the preceding year’s Super Bowl is over. The award goes to the player deemed most crucial to his team’s success. Most often, it’s a quarterback, but that’s not always the case. Key Points – There are some key

Finding Football Handicappers for 2022

Football handicappers for 2022 are a dime a dozen. But you need to find the right one. Key Points – Finding a football handicapper for 2022 can help any bettor have more success. – It’s important to know what to look for in finding a football handicapper for 2022. Football Handicappers for 2022 It won’t

Explaining Football Line Movements

Football line movements can tell a bettor a lot. But you need to do the right thing, with the right information. Key Points – Line movements in football occur for a number of reasons. – Football line movements give bettors some information they can use to make better betting decisions. Football Line Movements One of

Handicapping Tips & Strategies for Betting on Football

Everyone likes to talk about betting on football! Football in the United States is arguably one of the most popular sports when it comes to sports betting in the world. The NFL and NCAA Football have grown in popularity, and with the growth of sports betting worldwide, football is only gaining momentum with consumers.  When

Betting the 2021 NFL Playoffs

We are here to get you ready when betting the 2021 NFL playoffs. Each and every year, the NFL playoffs presents sports fans some of the most exciting and entertaining action of the year. It’s also a huge opportunity for bettors. With a reduced number of games on the schedule, sports books typically fill their

Super Bowl LVI Futures

It’s never too early to begin looking at odds for Super Bowl LVI futures. There’s a lot of movement still to come in the NFL. From free agency to the draft to spring practices, it can be an interesting time to place a future bet down on the Super Bowl LVI champion. Let’s take a

Betting Super Bowl LV Props

Betting Super Bowl LV props has taken on a world of its own. Super Bowl LV is set with a matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The game will be played Sunday at 6:30 pm ET. Betting player and game props in the Super Bowl can be a fun way

All-Pac-12 Recruiting National Signing Day Team & Coach

After a two-season stint at Vanderbilt, Jeff Genyk will be returning to Evanston to coach Northwestern’s special teams unit, the University announced Friday via a press release.

Cam Has a Can Do Attitude Now

Herschel had a layer of hilarity we did not know he had.  While not in the tin foil hat brigade, one has to wonder about his current claim.  He insists that at age 53 that he could play a large role in the league even today.  Good for a chuckle but not much more.  Apex