Mark Sanchez Rises to the Occasion and Visits AMTRAK Site

Once they grab the spotlight, little can be done to wrest it away from them.  DeflateGate has run its course until/if the appeal is heard.  Tom gets dinged for multiple games but what do the common people think of this.  Also the Eagles have a genius in their midst.  Will new moves and positions prove

Sanchez Your Starting QB in Philadelphia?

A spin on Deflate – Gate was offered in that the Colts sent the league office an email.  In this correspondence, they detailed exactly what to look for.  Tin foil hat brigades and other people who believe the “truth is out there” immediately took off for the hills of the Internet.  One of those who

Draft Day Two Weeks Away

Tick tock the clock goes forward as the NFL draft is two weeks away.  What was once certain theories have now been stood on their heads.  What legendary tight end is asking for less of the spotlight this year?  Who could be your #1 pick overall?  Finally has the role of running back seen an

The Superheroes of College Coaching

Now that the Power Five have assembled in the College Football Hall of Justice, we can get down to seeing which programs have Superman or Lex Luthor for coaches while pegging who is lead by Aquaman.   A colorful comparison that most can come to terms with.  We have assembled men of steel and wonder

Draft and Season Wins Futures Forecast

  Love Them or Leave Em Vikings With all the high profile that Adrian comes with, people could very easily come to the conclusion that Minnesota is not a desired destination in the NFL.  To demonstrate the contrary, Chad Greenway has decided to take a deep pay cut in his final year of the contract

Free Agency and Washington Redskins Trends to Note

A name on the dotted line is just the start to all the ramifications of free agency.  Valuable assets are stored to be used next season.  What is not thought of so much is how it affects the rest of the market place.  Apex Football Betting will look at how  some bankroll busting contracts come

Position and a Generation Get Overpaid this NFL Free Agency

Free agent presents a time where we can see a few people get overpayed.  This year the purse strings were undone to see generations and positions as a whole become entitled.  Watch as the over thirty crowd find a new retirement home in the Midwest of America.  Next, a position that at best holds its

Landmines That Can Mar the Landscapes of NFL Franchises

Health issues can sway the verdict on any free agent acquisition but the most recent of ones are high on the risk to reward ratio.  Some moves were forced due to defections while one high profile one has the term the mad magician being bandied about.  Apex Football betting will go over some of the

High Profile Bear to Be Shipped?

  Brandon Marshall For Sale? While not quite the distraction he was in Denver, Chicago has decided to shake up things by putting Brandon Marshall up for trade.  Chemistry on the offensive side of the ball starts and ends with Cutler so most of Brandon’s antics are minor compared to the quirky quarterback.  This has

Goodell Loses in Court as Star is Re-Instated

More news for Goodell and it is not chipper in the courts this time.  One of the NFL’s elite players won his court case against the league and can immediately play.  What was the reasoning that the judge used to allow Peterson back in the NFL?  Also which way is Buffalo headed in their back