College Football Futures : 2017 Champion Speculation

Discussions about college football futures usually start with the Alabama Crimson Tide.  The premier powerhouse of the SEC almost saw them slip from their perch with a second straight loss to Ole Miss.  They recovered to crush Michigan State and vanquish Clemson to lay claim to the 2016 title.  Now the usual suspects and a few surprises have assembled to be the front runners for next season.  Here at APEX Sports Betting, we will examine some of the optimal market prices and why the wise sports investor will enter the 2017 Champion futures speculation right now.

College Football Futures : +550 on Alabama

The favorite to win it all next season is the current champion.  What makes them so potent each year is their reputation.  If you are a player on either the defensive or offensive line, Alabama will get you to the pros if you have the talent.  This gets them the firm foundations to entrench them atop the SEC.  Add some speed at the outside and a few skill players to have a sound investment.  APEX Football Betting has put together a primer on football futures and props that explain how to place wagers of this type that reward future vision.

Thoughts on the Field

Why do some people have utter faith in Bob Stoops?  Oklahoma might get a lot of regular season wins but this program gets squashed in meaningful bowl games.  +850 is nowhere near the price to invest.  For a Big 12 team, Baylor has a bevy of good quarterbacks and the speed to hit the afterburners against almost anyone.  +1200 on them is a very good price.

Big Ten football has Michigan State a shambles after getting destroyed by the Tide.  They have peeked and a +3500 is a wish and a prayer.  The conference will probably come down to Michigan (+1250) and Ohio State (+1250).  Michigan has a much easier path this year with no hard game like Utah on the road to start it off.  All non-con home game’s give them a better value than a Buckeye team that has to travel to Oklahoma early on.

Power five conferences are where one should stay with this future.  Non-AQ schools make great stories but dreams do not translate into profit very often.  Clemson and Florida State are the class of the ACC.  Duke will get you profit during the regular season but the Blue Devils have too rough of a road here.  Pac-12 is a mess with Stanford being the serious contender to make it to the Final Four in this future.

What makes some futures investments such a solid value?  Established programs that can withstand injuries get you the value.  Others that are on the rise like Michigan offer plenty of bang for your buck.  Reap in your potential and invest in your sporting wisdom.  Futures for the 2017 college football champion not only gives you speculation to rail each week but a windfall when it comes through.  Good fortune in your considerations and we will see you next week here at APEX Football Betting.