College Football Week Two Poll

Dust has settled and we are ready to progress to College Football Week Two Poll now that we have had our first peek last holiday weekend.  Wonderful to see everyone here at APEX Football Betting.  Some people have pegged the previous action that Alabama is pretty good and everyone else pales in comparison.  This could be true to a point.  The ACC beat their main rival conference in the games that really matter.  Let us see the fallout and who is ready to roar this season here at APEX Football.

College Football Week Two Poll

Top five teams did not survive well as Oklahoma #3 and LSU #5 both lost and fell all the way out of the top ten.  Notre Dame also fell out of the top ten with that wild double overtime loss.  Tennessee did not retain that first place vote as they needed overtime to get by Appalachian State.  Let us see the lay of the land in this weeks top ten.

  1. Alabama
  2. Clemson
  3. FSU
  4. Ohio State
  5. Michigan
  6. Houston
  7. Stanford
  8. Washington
  9. Georgia
  10. Wisconsin

ACC has two teams in the top three.  Look at the respect that the Pac-12 is getting.  Stanford should get it with their great running back but look at Chris Petersen’s progress.  His Huskies have made a leap into the top ten.  Good to see the man who constructed much of the success at Boise State getting recognition in rebuilding this former Pacific powerhouse.

What is on the Agenda?

Louisville at #13 is at Syracuse on Friday night.  Bobby Petrino coached teams have a great trend to run up the scores on the competition.  Is two touchdowns enough for Syracuse to cash here.  Arkansas travels to TCU which is in the Top 20.  Interesting to see how the Horned Frogs handle this.  A lot of steam on this as TCU -4 has gotten bet to the region of – 7 1/2 at Americas Bookie.

That is just a smattering of the attractive nature of Week Two.  I like to go to Americas Bookie’s Live Lines to scan the landscape.  There are so many great games that a few can slip from the attention of the most rabid fans.  Look for yourself for entertainment and profit by betting college football.  Good luck in your ventures and we will see you next time here at APEX Football Betting.