Combining Information and Service Plays into Picks

How intense do you take your wagers on the NFL?  Some people like to wager for the entertainment aspect so that each game has something riding on it.  Others like to show a sign of support on the local team and vary the amount they bet each week on that franchise.  The rest try to parlay their superior knowledge of the game into cold hard cash.  A quick manner that they confirm their own theories is when they combine the data from NFL Schedule Week 4 and pit it against the touts opinions at A1Serviceplays.

Highlighting Published Opinions

Here at APEX Football Betting, we went in depth on the published data and views for Week Four in the NFL.  What we came up with is as follows.

  • Was it Harbaugh or the franchise that the Packers struggled against?  Impressive level of futlity that the Packers have had against San Fran.  Your job is to see if the San Fran secondary can hold off the onslaught of a stellar season so far from Rogers.
  • Let down bowl features a Romo-less Dallas squad at a possible Brees less New Orleans team.  The Saints in no way nor shape hold the level of home field advantage they used to.  Look and see how McFadden might down against the New Orleans defense.

Foundation Lain

Now that we have the two games of interest, we scour to see if anyone has weighed in with an immediate response to the game.  Once you bookmark and use the service plays section in the forum, you can get a feel of which handicappers have a style you favor or that is profitable to your style of betting.  Looking at the current lines at Americas Bookie,  we see that Green Bay is a eight and a half point road favorite.  Meanwhile, the condition of Bress being up in the air has made the Sunday Night Football game have no posted odds as of yet.

This is where you have to come up in your mind a number with and without the quarterback of the Saints.  Use the tools that we have given you and be prepared to act when a favorable situation presents itself.  Good fortune in your wagering this week and we will see you next time here at APEX Football Betting.