Dorm Report: Immaturity still plaguing Winston

Philadelphia, PA ( – If you’re a college football fan and
have been wondering when Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston would make
his next idiotic, self-depricating move, the wait is now over.

Winston, who won college football’s Heisman Trophy and led his Seminoles to a
national championship win over Auburn last season as a redshirt freshman, has a
history of antics that display his poor ability to make decisions.

First, he was under investigation for rape (which he seemed to take pretty
lightly). Then he was cited for shoplifting crab legs from a supermarket this
past spring, for which he issued an apology that stated:

“I realize that I am in the public spotlight and my conduct needs to be above

Apparently his own words didn’t ring true in his mind because his latest slip-
up is mind-blowingly stupid and was easily avoidable.

Earlier this week, multiple Florida State students tweeted they saw Winston get
up on a table in the middle of Florida State’s crowded student union and yell,
very loudly, an obscene phrase that stems from a popular Internet meme.
Students tweeted, and the website Deadspin reported the story (if you choose to
track down Winston’s words, be forewarned that they’re vulgar).

This latest incident on Winston’s part just displays even further the
immaturity level of one of the top quarterback prospects in college football.
And it shows he still doesn’t get what a “public spotlight” really is.

Wake up, Jameis. Anything you do can and will be scrutinized, even in the
comfort of Florida State’s student union. If you need some further advice about
what it means to be in the public eye, just ask Johnny Manziel.

It’s easy to sit back and criticize Winston after yet another stupid mistake.
But how many times will it take for him to get it right? Even more than that,
how can he not realize what is going on in the National Football League right
now and relate it to his own actions?

In case you’ve been blissfully ignorant to the latest sports news in the
country, here’s what’s happening: the NFL has been under a powerful microscope
after poorly dealing with the Ray Rice domestic abuse situation. Then soon
after the league was hit with the knowledge that one of its star players
(and top money makers), Adrian Peterson, was indicted for child abuse charges.

It’s a rough time to be involved in public relations in the NFL.

If only Winston could grasp the monumental impact of those negative situations
and then relate them to his own behavior, he may be able to understand how his
actions look on a grand scale.

There is no good time for any athlete to show his immaturity level by doing
something like steal crab legs or yell obscene phrases from a tabletop, but
it’s especially not a good time when the league in which Winston will soon be
a part of is staring adversity right in the face with serious legal and
integrity-defining issues.

Image is vastly important in the NFL, and it’s the same way at Florida State,
which is currently the No. 1-ranked team in college football. When a player
does something that could tarnish the school’s image or the NFL’s image, the
institution must do damage control. That was evidenced on Wednesday when
Florida State announced it would suspend Winston for the first half of
Saturday’s (hugely important) matchup with ACC rival Clemson.

Being the starting quarterback on a national championship-winning team and a
Heisman Trophy winner doesn’t exclude one from acting in a professional manner.
In fact, the apology issued by Winston following his shoplifting endeavor says
he claims he’s aware of the very opposite. Yet he still has trouble staying the

I’ve been to college. I get the social aspect of being independent and making
new friends and having a good time. But I wasn’t a national athletic icon with
cameras, microphones and eyes on me at all times, and I still had preconceived
thoughts about what my actions might lead to.

A story was written about Winston’s actions by a Yahoo Sports reporter, and he
(Pat Forde) contacted one of the students who tweeted out Jameis’s public
outburst. The student wanted to emphasize to Forde that Winston was simply
joking around and trying to get a laugh out of the audience made up of entirely
college-aged students. That student (who wished to remain nameless) added he
didn’t want Winston’s actions to get blown out of proportion.

Well, guess what? Because of his celebrity and history, it’s impossible for
Winston to do anything “silly” without some kind of consequence. There’s a
difference between if a random college student got up and said what Jameis said
versus Jameis doing it himself.

The timing for the future NFL quarterback is horrible, and the incident could
possibly hurt his draft stock in the long run. Why would a team want to take a
chance on a guy who has continuously proven he can’t grow up? Does talent
outweigh off-the-field concerns? Ask the Baltimore Ravens or the Minnesota

The perception of football players, both in college and at the professional
level, is extremely poor at the moment. Winston chose to act on his own
volition and hurt his image in the process, not to mention his team in the
first half of Saturday’s marquee matchup.