Draft and Season Wins Futures Forecast


Love Them or Leave Em Vikings

With all the high profile that Adrian comes with, people could very easily come to the conclusion that Minnesota is not a desired destination in the NFL.  To demonstrate the contrary, Chad Greenway has decided to take a deep pay cut in his final year of the contract to help the prospects of the franchise.  $7M to the order of around mid three million dollar mark gives the Vikes over $3M more in cap space.  At 32, he wanted to remain a Viking for life and took the cut to ensure that this happens.  Not everyone wants to defect from the Purple this time around.

After the Two Step, No One Can Forecast the Draft

Jameis goe one and the defensive lineman from USC most likely will go to the Titans.  After that, no one is in agreement on where the dominoes will fall.

  • Rumor of a failed drug test has Randy Gregory slipping in the draft.
  • Oakland has a decision on which wide receiver they want to select.
  • Most teams love the Florida outside linebacker, Dante Fowler, even if they do not have an immediate need at his position.
  • No one knows where Marcus will go in the Top Ten or just outside of it.
  • Perhaps two running backs can go in the first round with Gurley and Gordon being the top candidates to do so.

Lions in Limbo Yet Again

After the Suh defection, a lot of the spotlight has come on the GM Mayhew’s performance.  The sure things he has done well at with Stafford and Calvin Johnson.  Lean years were seen in 2010 and 11.  Did you know that not one player drafted in those two years is with the team?  This screams of the lack of depth Detroit has.  Offensive lineman Jeff Backus does not excel but got a cap space monster contract for his worth.  Houston, Bush, and Akers are all gone after over paying for them.  To their credit, the Lions did manage to keep a core of players together.  Unfortunately outside of Calvin, they over estimated the talent of the rest of them.  Look for the Lions to go back to the pack with a typical 8-8 year this time around.

So there you have it.  Any reasonable number in season wins should be bet the under on the Lions.  They will get a tougher schedule and the core will erode out of them.  This future is crystal clear.  Meanwhile draft futures outside the first two have a ton of value as no one really knows how it will shake out this year.  Good fortune in your futures wagering and we will have more NFL futures action upcoming at Apex Football Wagering.