Draft Day Two Weeks Away

Tick tock the clock goes forward as the NFL draft is two weeks away.  What was once certain theories have now been stood on their heads.  What legendary tight end is asking for less of the spotlight this year?  Who could be your #1 pick overall?  Finally has the role of running back seen an uptick in this next draft?  Find out all of this now with Apex Football Betting.

Tanking Antonio Gates

Wonders never cease in the NFL.  Fantasy gurus have taken note of an odd request coming out of San Diego.  It might be time to consider trading up at tight end.  Yes Antonio Gates has been good to us but now he is asking for less playing time in the upcoming season.  This is also the last year of his contract which has this move reeking of his golden years.  At 35, he is probably thinking of hanging up his cleats so Gates is clearly a low fantasy draft pick in your drafts next year.

Journeyman to Juggernaut

Ray Rice caused problems for Baltimore with his departure.  They had to resort to signing journeyman Justin Forsett. He got over 1,200 yards rushing.  Impressive but rumors are circulating that Melvin Gordon from Wisconsin is firmly in their sites. Even with Forsett getting a three year deal, the DUI of backup Pierce gives them a definite need at a once devalued position.  The number that has them thinking beyond Forsett is thirty.  That is how old he will be and that is past your prime in running back terms.   If he goes to #26 in the draft, the Ravens will have that one two punch that will make life easy for Flacco next year.

Pandering for airtime might be the reason why Marcus is being named the number one pick overall from Tampa.  However, this is Tampa Bay where most of their recent decisions have gotten them into this hole to start with.  Whom will Lovie decide to hang his future on?  Read the next edition of Apex Football betting to find out who has the inside track to the number one spot for your draft pick futures.