How to Wager on NFL MVP Futures

The NFL MVP futures market, as well as the rest of the NFL futures, opens right after the preceding year’s Super Bowl is over. The award goes to the player deemed most crucial to his team’s success. Most often, it’s a quarterback, but that’s not always the case. Key Points – There are some key

Making the Most of In-Game Football Betting

Bettors should take advantage of in-game football betting. Key Points – In-game football betting can help a bettor hedge his bets. – Being able to watch a game gives bettors real-time betting information. Making the Most of In-Game Football Betting Many football bettors believe that once the game begins, their work is done. The best

An Inside Look at College Football Recruiting

Here is an inside look at college football recruiting. Key Points – For athletes, the two most important things in college football recruiting are not what they think. – Understanding the college football recruiting process is important for athletes and their families. An Inside Look at College Football Recruiting College football, along with the NFL,

Becoming a Profitable NCAAF Teaser Bettor

Learn how to win the NCAAF teaser bet. Key Points – NFL teaser strategy doesn’t translate exactly to college football. – There is an NCAAF teaser strategy that works for bettors. The Profitable NCAAF Teaser Bettor If you are like most football bettors, you are probably familiar with the two-team/six-point NFL teaser. It’s the most

College Football Betting Trends

Keeping up on college football betting trends can change your outlook. Key Points – Looking at ATS and totals trends can help college football bettors handicap games. – Bettors should be aware of postseason college football betting trends. College Football Betting Trends College football is one of the most popular sports in the U.S. and

Finding Football Handicappers for 2022

Football handicappers for 2022 are a dime a dozen. But you need to find the right one. Key Points – Finding a football handicapper for 2022 can help any bettor have more success. – It’s important to know what to look for in finding a football handicapper for 2022. Football Handicappers for 2022 It won’t

Post Draft Super Bowl Futures Update

Let’s update the post draft Super Bowl futures! Key Points – NFL draft had some impact on the Super Bowl futures market. – The defending champion Los Angeles Rams are not among the favorites to win next year’s Super Bowl. Post Draft Super Bowl Futures The NFL draft has come and gone once again and

Explaining Football Line Movements

Football line movements can tell a bettor a lot. But you need to do the right thing, with the right information. Key Points – Line movements in football occur for a number of reasons. – Football line movements give bettors some information they can use to make better betting decisions. Football Line Movements One of

Best PPH for Football

Are you looking for the best PPH for football? Read on. Key Points – Finding the best PPH for football is important since the sport brings in the most action among all US sports. – In finding the best PPH for football, there are factors other than football that must be considered. The most watched

Betting NFL Teasers

Betting NFL teasers can be both fun and profitable. Key Points Successful NFL teaser betting begins with understanding the key numbers or the most common scoring margins. NFL teaser betting strategy includes crossing key numbers, not crossing zero, looking for short underdogs and long favorites, and shopping for the best prices. For those unaware, a