Tips for Betting the NFL’s Second Half at Online Sportsbooks

Week 9 in the NFL marks the start of the second half of the regular season. Teams that have yet to take their bye week have already played eight of 16 games and the ones that have already had a bye will reach that halfway point in this week’s game. With half the season in

NFL Betting – Are You Prepared for the Football Season

The NFL season is here, and the question is, are you prepared for it? Do you know how you want to bet this year and do you have a plan, a strategy? If you do not, then you must get one quickly. Betting on the NFL is an investment that must be taken seriously. You

Super Bowl 2019 Who’s Got the Goods? – A too Early Look

The 17/18 NFL season is but a distant memory but what a grand memory it was for the city of Philadelphia and every Eagles fan on the planet! The football gurus got this one wrong, the prognosticators, the crusty old wise guys in their paneled, smoke-filled Vegas halls, and the network talking heads, they were

Finding a Football Balance

It’s time to start thinking about securing a great sportsbook for the upcoming NFL season. The online bookmakers will be vying for your business so choose wisely. They are certainly not cut from the same cloth and what you pay for is what you get so to speak. Find a great NFL football bonus and

NFL Not Far Away Find a Great Online Bookie

The NFL draft has come and gone and spring practice is well under way. Who will it be this year, Tom and the Patriots or can the Eagles repeat? What the Eagles did last year in the absence of Carson Wentz was miraculous, it was a run like nobody has ever seen and Nick Foles

NFL Draft, Who Upped their Stock for Total Wins Upcoming Season?

Do NFL draft picks have an immediate impact on a team’s season? You bet they do and in a few cases some teams will be changed completely. This past NFL season was another great year and Brady came close to winning yet again. Unfortunately for the Patriots and their fans, the Eagles came along with

How to Bet On Sports- Betting NFL Draft Props

Betting odds for the upcoming 2018 NFL Draft from April 26 to April 28 are big business at any number of offshore sportsbooks offering online action for the biggest event of the NFL’s offseason. What started out as a few basic props covering the first round of picks, has blossomed into a full betting board

Early Super Bowl Prediction 2019

It seems just like yesterday that Tom Brady was hoisting his sixth Super Bowl Trophy! No your eyes are not deceiving you and we are not crazy. What it really seems like is that Tom actually did hoist his sixth Super Bowl trophy. Philadelphia is a great sports town with long enduring and above and

All-Pac-12 Recruiting National Signing Day Team & Coach

After a two-season stint at Vanderbilt, Jeff Genyk will be returning to Evanston to coach Northwestern’s special teams unit, the University announced Friday via a press release.

Recruiting National Signing Day All-SEC Team & Coach

Get the expectations going. These are the best and the brightest prospects being signed by the SEC teams for the 2018 recruiting class. These are the names you’ll need to know – at least if all goes according to plan.