Free Agency and Washington Redskins Trends to Note

A name on the dotted line is just the start to all the ramifications of free agency.  Valuable assets are stored to be used next season.  What is not thought of so much is how it affects the rest of the market place.  Apex Football Betting will look at how  some bankroll busting contracts come to affect the league as a whole. Also we will see how the Redskins are going old school in video games in regards to a key position.

Redskins Courting the Video Game Age

Infinite lives was one of the greatest boons of the video game age.  Experience any frustration, one can reset the game and go back to the previous save point.  While this is not entirely possible for NFL franchises, the Redskins are courting this train of thought with their signal caller.  The limbo they are in because they have the #5 pick in the draft.  If one of the Big Two (Marcus and Winston) slide down to them, Gruden has stated that they would have no problems drafting a QB.  This is another blow to the fragile body and psyche of RGIII.  Jay was supposed to bring a semblance of balance to the Redskins’ organization but they are more in a state of flux than ever.

Repercussions of Free Agency

  • Defensive lines can not be built on the cheap anymore since Suh got paid.  Justin Houston from the Chiefs should benefit even if KC has to take a hit to their cap.
  • San Diego and New York Giants are in the squeeze box because of Big Ben.  A big year and $64M guaranteed puts the pinch on those two teams because Rivers and Manning are in the last years of their deal.
  • Maclin’s deal with the Chiefs makes it much harder for the Cowboys.  Dez notices everything and with a player having a lower skill set getting paid well will cause Bryant to ask for more.  Dallas is on the downtrend this year.
  • While running backs are recovering their earning potential, corners are vastly overpaid.  Free agency cause the Chargers, Eagles, Houston, and the Redskins using valuable cap space for stop gap solutions.  Depth will be an issue for all four because of overpaying here.