Free Play Bonuses for Football Futures

One can savor the sports of summer and lock away free play bonuses for football futures.  Good morning from your friends here at APEX Football Betting.  Baseball, basketball, and hockey our in the midst of intense action while the NFL is gearing up for Fall wagering.  Alas all is not lost for the football minds out there.  At sportsbooks like America’s Bookie, there are futures for season wins, playoff performance, and even spreads for Week One.  So why not lock away some equity right now for the football season that does not cost a single cent.

Free Play Bonuses : NFL Week One

Bookie Star has been around for a long time advising on the ins and outs of the industry.  They have several special sections including one on sportsbook bonuses that will get your bankrolls off the ground without a single wager being placed.  For example, load up for baseball and basketball wagering right now at America’s Bookie and get up to 100 percent bonus on your deposit.  Some opt to use it right away for MLB action but a lot of us are like minded in pursuit of NFL profit.  I am going to plunk some of it down on week one to walk into the regular season on a free roll.

Our Initial Card

What do we like after the NFL Draft?  Let us look at what we like for the start.

  • Carolina – 2 1/2 at Denver.  Broncos start the defense of their crown with Mark Sanchez at the helm.  Bad Omen for the champs
  • Bears + 5 1/2 at Houston.  Ideal time for Chicago.  They keep the same offense while Houston will take a few games to get things down pat.
  • Green Bay @ Jacksonville +4.  The surprise of 2016 will be the Jags.  Tremendous draft depth comes into its own.

Start with these picks and sprinkle in some free plays with a deposit at Americas Bookie.  Thank you to our friends at and we will see you next time here at APEX Football.