Front and Center as NFL Schedule Week 1 is Here

Concise with an easy to scan format imparts all the necessary information as to the who, what, and where for the opening games of the 2015 NFL season.  With every team entertaining hope, this site is not only reference material for the football handicapper. NFL Schedule Week One provides up to date news and numerous articles including Free Picks for the Week.  We at APEX Football Betting enthusiastically recommend that you bookmark NFL Schedule Week 1 as it evolves into weekly coverage to service the high needs of our readership base.


Sunday night strikes as a prime time to profit as the New York Giants visit Dallas.  Can Dallas be derailed without DeMarco?  The Cowboys only have to solve this riddle and their season should be a success.  Meanwhile how long can Eli live on his laurels and two Super Bowl wins?  This is just one of your high profile games that are polarizing to profit.  Go right down the list and the vulnerabilities of the book are apparent.  Indy at Buffalo brings the Rex Ryan regime to a different section of New York.  With a two pronged rushing attack and fearsome defense, this is the type of team that the Colts bungle against.

Open to Close

Live lines listings at the site allow you to see the current offerings from the major offshore players.  America’s Bookie, 5 Dimes, and many more are where the wagers pour in with them providing industry defining moves.  Background information and analysis are already up for some of the marquee games.  Their take on Pittsburgh and New England I did not agree with right off the bat.  However it presented me with a different mind set to chew on.  After letting it work in my mind, not only can I see some of the salient points they made but augmented it into my own handicapping.  My thought process is improved and the season has not even started yet.

So this is where we are at.  NFL Schedule Week One I will check several times each week.  The information is priceless.  Now all I have to do is top off my bankroll level at America’s Bookie so my sports investment abilities are maximized.  Check out their promotions like the Last Man Standing contest.  I plan on winning the $2500 prize but you are more than certainly welcome to pit your skills against me.  Good fortune and we will see you later here at Apex Football Betting.