Goodell Loses in Court as Star is Re-Instated

More news for Goodell and it is not chipper in the courts this time.  One of the NFL’s elite players won his court case against the league and can immediately play.  What was the reasoning that the judge used to allow Peterson back in the NFL?  Also which way is Buffalo headed in their back up quarterbacks.  Kyle Orton has retired so who does Rex Ryan covet for EJ Manuel’s backup.  Find all of this in the following edition of Apex Football Betting.

Peterson Wins This Round

David Doty is a US District Court Judge who just ruled on Adrian’s behalf with reinstates him in the NFL.  Arguements were made on Feb 6th with the union taking the fight to the NFL.  Most of the argument went on the Draconian punishment metted to Peterson for whipping his child with a switch.  At the time the disciplinary procedures began, the NFL did not have the stricter guide lines that it does now for domestic violence.  Now comes the fight on whether Adrian wants to return to Minnesota after the front office piled up on him.  They have changed their tune but Peterson is hesitatnt.  What he would be walking away from is a contract that makes him the highest paid running back in the NFL.  Does dollars cure all wounds?

Bills Insist on Old Back Up Quarterbacks

35 is not too old for the Bills to backup their shaky starter at quarterback.  Orton was long in the tooth but that did not stop him from seeing action because of the mishaps of EJ Manuel.  Ryan has indicated that McCown would get every opportunity to compete for the starting roll.  The reason why McCown appeals so much is that he is familiar with the blocking schemes that their O line coach, Aaron Kromer, uses.  This would cut down on the learning curve should EJ fail again this season.  The long leash that Ryan had in New York is probably only two years long in Buffalo no matter what the contract says.