How to Bet on Fitzpatrick’s Return

Fitzpatrick’s return was supposed to have been a done deal by the time the Jets’ offseason activities were to start.  Instead, Geno Smith is the best option this franchise has going forward.  At issue is another general manager who is pinching pennis with a potential playoff team.  Good Afternoon from us all at APEX Football Betting.  Today examine which side of NFL futures the season win total should be on in regards to holdout Ryan Fitzpatrick.

How to Bet on Fitzpatrick Futures

Most agree that Geno Smith would be a significant downgrade at signal caller for the Jets.  Our question as handicappers as to which side of the fence should you be on in regards to what we think the chances are of Fitzpatrick signing.  Both sides want him back.  Difference is that he want $14M a year while the team was willing to go up to $8M.  Before we examine this specific situation, take a look at The Street Betting’s piece on how to bet football for a solid foundation on this subject.

What Futures Have a High Degree of Fluctuation in them?

  • AFC East Winner
  • Season Wins at Eight

Season wins is the conservative option here.  The over 8 is at +110.  If one is of the mindset that Ryan is almost a sure thing to come back to New York then the over is where it is at and should be pounced on right away.  Those that like to swing for the fences have the price of +535 to win the AFC East.  Brady’s suspension and what becomes of this adds another wrinkle to this speculation.  These are just a few of the wager types that superior insight on this quarterback situation will pay big dividends for 2016.

Free agency is fun for fans and handicappers.  Seeing heroes switch or stay is a pivotal factor for the fate of some franchises.  The Jets are in a state of flux headed into the 2016 season.  Overpay to keep up the potential is what the fans and sports investors want to see the GM do in this case.  APEX Football Betting is optimistic that Ryan will be shortly signed to once again be the quarterback of the New York Jets.