How to Bet on Football Parlays

One of the great things about making football bets at America’s Bookie is that you can take advantage of many creative ways to go. Let’s say that on a particular NFL Sunday you feel strongly about three or four different teams. You can certainly bet them “straight-up,” but may also go a step further. You can place a wager on whether ALL of them would win, through the use of something called a “parlay.”

When you make a parlay bet you are grouping a number of individual wagers together into a single wager and will be looking for all of them to be winners against the football pointspread. That is important to remember – you must win ALL of the components of the parlay.

The way the parlay works is that you are using whatever pointspread is being offered in the sportsbook. In that way it is much different than a “teaser” bet. So whatever handicapping you have done is directly applicable to the parlay wager.

So for a given week, if you wanted to put together, say, five teams in a parlay, you would take the regular pointspread number for them, as it is represented on the “board.” here is what it might look like:

Philadelphia Eagles  -6-1/2
Houston Texans  -2
Cleveland Browns  +1-1/2
Seattle Seahawks  -5
Kansas City Chiefs  -4-1/2

We just took five teams at random here, but we wanted to give you an idea about what a parlay grouping might look like for you.

At America’s Bookie, you would go to your main interface, and you would see a number of tabs that indicate which option you can choose. You will see “Parlay” in the third tab, after “Bet It All” and “Straight.” If you are looking to make an NFL parlay bet, you will go to the list of NFL spreads and totals for that week and simply check the boxes – as may as you want. make sure you have checked all the right boxes – you’ll have an opportunity to review it all before you confirm the bet.

Then just sit back and watch the games and, frankly, hope that you get lucky.

This offers a handsome payout for those who can go on a hot streak. It does not necessarily offer the absolute true odds, but America’s Bookie offers a schedule of payouts that are competitive with any sportsbook operation in the world.

Here are some sample payouts:

2-team parlay  2.6 -1
3-team  6-1
4-team  10-1
5-team  20-1
6-team  40-1
7-team  75-1
8-team 150-1

You can go beyond that as well.

You can get a general idea about what a parlay should be worth by calculating your wins, sequential to each other, up to the number of components you have in the parlay, using the 11-to-10 (-110) as the standard. Most sports bettors like to do a three-team parlay (otherwise known as a “three-teamer”), because that is rather manageable, although playing with the higher numbers gives a similar thrill as would be produced from buying a lottery ticket.

As you can see, the payouts get proportionally bigger as you add more teams to the parlay bet. So it is something enjoyable for recreational players. although as we mentioned, one defeat can spoil the party, so to speak.