How to Bet on Football Teasers

A “teaser,” when it gets right down to it, is actually a parlay bet, except that you have changed the pointspread for each team. So you have moved the line a certain number of points to YOUR benefit. It is an extremely popular bet to make, and it is something that a smart sports bettor can have some success with.

You can modify these numbers in many ways. There are so many teaser possibilities at America’s Bookie that you really have a great selection, if you know what you are doing.

You could have a 6, 6.5 or 7-point teaser involving anywhere from two to eight teams. That leaves open a lot of options. We don’t want to go over each one of them, but let us just illustrate what we mean when we talk about teasing points.

Let us take these three games, which we have picked at random from the September 21 schedule:

HOU TEXANS       -2-110       o42-110
NY GIANTS       +2-110    u42-110

MIN VIKINGS       +9-110      o51-110
NO SAINTS        -9-110      u51-110

TEN TITANS           +7-110    o43-110
CIN BENGALS    -7-110    u43-110

If we wanted to play a six-point, three-team teaser, we would pick the team we liked in each of these games and shade some points toward our side. If we liked the Giants as an underdog and the Saints and Bengals as home favorites, we grab ourselves six points “to the good” on each of them and this is what we come with as our teaser:

NY GIANTS +8-110 (B+6)
NO SAINTS -3-110 (B+6)
CIN BENGALS -1-110 (B+6)

That’s roughly the way it will look on your screen at America’s Bookie, with the reflection that we have added six points to our team’s score. Keep i mind that you can also use the over/under (total) numbers as well. So if we wanted, say, to take the Saints out of our teaser and instead move the total up six points to give us more of a cushion to go “under” on the game, that line would look like this on the interface:


This three-team, six-point teaser will pay of at odds of +170, meaning that if you wagered $1.00 and won, you would have a profit of $1.70.

We can take those same three entries and create something called a “special teaser,” in which we are getting even more points for each of the components we are using. So if we wanted to do the three-team special teaser that includes the total, we would wind up with this:

NY GIANTS +12-110 (B+10)
TOTAL u61-110 (B+10) (MIN VIKINGS vrs NO SAINTS)
CIN BENGALS +3-110 (B+10)

Here you can see that we have now given ourselves the benefit of ten points on all three of these bets, and of course must win them all to win the teaser. The Giants are getting a dozen points at home, while the Bengals are getting three. The total on the Saints-Vikings game has now become 61 points, for our purposes.

Of course, no sportsbook gives away this stuff for nothing. On the three-part special teaser you are LAYING a price of -120, which means that you must bet $1.20 for every dollar you hope to realize in profit.

We’re not quite finished yet. There is also a FOUR-part special teaser you can play at America’s Bookie. So let’s say you didn’t want to leave that play on the Saints out of the mix. You are going to use four parts now, in which case you will get THIRTEEN points instead of ten from the sportsbook. Now the ticket will look like this:

NY GIANTS +15-110 (B+13)
NO SAINTS +4-110 (B+13)
TOTAL u64-110 (B+13) (MIN VIKINGS vrs NO SAINTS)
CIN BENGALS +6-110 (B+13)

You have now turned the Saints and Bengals into home underdogs, and are getting more than two touchdowns with the Giants. You also have a nice cushion to go “under” on the Saints-Vikings game. You will have to pay a price for this luxury, of course. To win this one you will l have to lay -130, which means for every dollar you hope to clear, you have to bet $1.30.

As you can imagine, this can be a lot of fun, and adds something to your football watching on any given Sunday!