If Ever Oakland is Going to Do it

Rare times and omens abound when a Raiders team can win in Denver these days.  Doormats in the AFC West no more, Oakland is climbing back up to respectability.  At 5-7, the troops are rallied to try to get to 8-8 for a .500 season.  They have the offensive talent but can it all come together against this 10-2 Broncos team.  Seven and a half point underdogs travel to Mile High for the 4PM game on 12/13.

Brock on Film

Del Rio knows this quarterback like few others in the league.  Armed with enough film from his recent starts, it seems to be time to plant this game manager.  He takes fewer risks than Manning but produces less interceptions because of it.  A plain game with a good running back, is it potent enough to thwart the Raiders offense?  This is the big question here.  Denver will get their stops of Carr.  If the Raiders can reply in kind then the Mile High City might see an upset here.


Cold weather with snow most of the days surrounding the game but not on the exact day.  Keep a watch on the forecast but right now it is going to be 45, clear, and only a slight wind at game time.  Inclement weather would hurt the Raiders offense much more than the Broncos.  This is another one of the planets coming into alignment for this one.

Market moves see the Raiders outside the seven point range.  Road dog at + 7 1/2 is a juicy number.  This is not about reality but the tendency of the masses to bet Denver blindly.  New England and Green Bay have been let downs as of late so Denver is that port in the storm.  Linesmakers know this and gave this line for balanced wagering.  APEX Football Betting realizes this and embraces the Raiders plus the points.  Invest in this free pick right now at America’s Bookie.  Good fortune and we will see you later on in the week here at APEX Football.