Landmines That Can Mar the Landscapes of NFL Franchises

Health issues can sway the verdict on any free agent acquisition but the most recent of ones are high on the risk to reward ratio.  Some moves were forced due to defections while one high profile one has the term the mad magician being bandied about.  Apex Football betting will go over some of the more high profile moves and determine if the respective players or franchises came out ahead.

Forced Panic – Detroit Lions

Suh signing elsewhere was a surprise to no one.  The bail out plan for the Lions makes sense but comes with a high sense of risk.  Ngata does not come with a massive Suh like cap number but his presence is not light on the pocket book.  The main concern here is him staying on the field with past health concerns.  An upside that few can appreciate was that Suh provided distraction by being double teamed. The other line mates have the talent to do with less double teaming.  A very small dip in production is to be seen if Ngata plays twelve games or more.


A Chip Kelly team must have a durable quarterback.  With that much spacing, occasional jail breaks will occur with the signal caller left on his own.  Either he has to have wheels or know how to take hits.  Bradford does neither well.  His canon is an upgrade from Foles but both QB’s are actually losers in this deal.  No way Sam gets out of the season unscathed and Nick’s numbers will plummet under a stodgy Rams’ offense.

Pete Chooses

Russell will have more toys to play with while Lynch is left to his own devices.  Even the tight end acquisition is not a boon for the running game.  In obvious passing downs, Lynch will do better but on first down he will be left to his own devices.

Finally, it appears that Miami felt compelled to spend their money.  This is the ultimate mercenary but some question his sense of professionalism.  Distractions from his personal life disappeared from Suh but it was a contract year.  With gads of guaranteed money, Suh alone will not improve Miami that much and puts them incrementally closer to a playoff spot.  Tune in next time at Apex Football Betting to see how these and other moves affected the futures market for the NFL.