Mark Sanchez Rises to the Occasion and Visits AMTRAK Site

Once they grab the spotlight, little can be done to wrest it away from them.  DeflateGate has run its course until/if the appeal is heard.  Tom gets dinged for multiple games but what do the common people think of this.  Also the Eagles have a genius in their midst.  Will new moves and positions prove pivotal or a slow leak to a ship that would sink either way.  All of this and more in this week’s APEX football betting.

Mad Genius Employment Agency

Usually a glut of money causes some oddball jobs to be developed.  Whether it is a shoe manager from a star of the Divorced Wives of Atlanta to celebrity double, people have made good money in some careers developed by need or genius.  Add Chip Kelly to this list as he has the Eagles creating new positions for his payroll.

  • High performance analyst
  • Logistics Cordinator
  • Director of Sports Science and Reconditioning

He at leasts recognizes that his team has tanked the last two years in direct relation to fitness.  More plays he runs has an ordinary regimen being insufficient to his needs.  Cheap investment compared to star players that might pay off in the end.

Big Surprise

Brady getting suspended for as long as he did lifted more than a few eyebrows.  Once it was announced, companies and media outlets started to poll the life forms to see what they think.  Since Tom is a successful and winning player, it is expected that a majority would support the use of the ban hammer.  Outside of New England, people love to hate this hero.  What will be interesting is to see how the games won future for the Pats will be effected by this.

Speaking of Philadelphia, Mark Sanchez is showing progress in areas that count.  He has semi resurrected his career with the Eagles.  Now he is doing the right thing as a role model for his transplanted city.  He and other players visited the city of that AMTRAK crash that took seven people and hurt over two hundred people.  Most times franchises will settle for a little less talent for a lot of civic mindness.  Congrats Philadelphia and good luck Tampa with Winston.