NFL BETTING “Week 10 Here We Go Again” Edition

With the NFL season heating up, so do my NFL picks, which will be here for you
each and every week to help you win your pick-em-pool, embarrass your friends,
and just become a more whole football fan and human being. I will take a look at
five games each week with the best value and rate them on a sliding lock of the
week 1-10 scale. I have been on fire for you all season long and do not expect
to slow down anytime soon. Coming off yet another 4-1 week, my 5th in the last 7, Its time to get back on the undefeated train. And….Here….We….Go!

DTM Song Of The Week:  Hans Zimmer/Thomas Bergersen “Interstellar Soundtrack” One of the best movies you will ever see has some of the best music throughout you will ever listen to
as it will propel you not only to another dimension, but yet another DTM winning week in the NFL. Wormholes for each and everyone.

Tennessee Titans at Baltimore Ravens   1 p.m. Sunday TV CBS 62  (Ravens -10)

This seems like it’s the type of game that Baltimore should win comfortably, but there is something about the Titans coming off the bye week and playing a Ravens team that got sand-blasted in the second half last week. While I do not expect a Tennessee outright win, I think Zack Mettenberger and company keep this thing close till the end.

5.5 on DTM Lock of the Week Meter – Titans +10

Carolina Panthers at Philadelphia Eagles 8:30 p.m. EST  Monday TV ESPN  (Eagles -6.5)

This is the kind of game that makes you wonder, “Are there other humans somewhere in the universe?”, “Does flavored water really taste that good?”, and most importantly “Is Carolina an actual NFL team?” The latter continues to boggle the mind week in and week out as the Panthers have vastly under performed this season, but at times have looked like a team that might be able to start putting things together. This is almost a make it or break it game for Cam Isaac Newton and company and they will attack it like that. Look for Carolina to keep things tight the whole way and without Nick Foles at the helm, don’t be shocked if the Panthers pull off the outright upset.

6.5 on DTM Lock of the Week Meter – Panthers +6.5

Atlanta Falcons at Tampa Bay Buccaneers   1 PM EST Sunday TV FOX (Falcons -2.5)

The falcons come off a bye and are rested and super angry after their last second collapsing loss against the Lions in Jolly Old England. The Bucs are 2014’s NFL Version of Jekyll and Hyde. One week they look like a legitimate NFL team, the next like a vagrant on the sidewalk that is looking for free Skittles. I think the latter will come out this week as the Falcons have the superior talent on the offensive side of the ball and T.B, while hanging in most of them is on a four game losing streak. It will become five on Sunday afternoon.

7.1 on DTM Lock of the Week Meter – Falcons +2.5

Miami Dolphins at Detroit Lions  1 p.m. EST Sunday TV CBS 62 Radio 97.1 The Ticket (Lions -2.5)
The Lions come off the bye week with the top defense in the NFL and an offense that seems ready to explode in the second half. The Lions also get rookie LB Kyle Van Noy back for the first time this regular season. The Fins are much tougher than many expected and this will be a test for Detroit, but with the full roar of the Ford Field Crowd behind them and coming off the time off with a sense of eagerness to get back to winning football, this is a good spot for the Lions and a bad one for Miami on the road. If the Lions win this game it will be pretty tough for them not to make the playoffs and the team knows that. Look for the Lions to control this game from start to finish and get pressure on Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill all day, making it tough for Miami to get anything of merit going.

7.4 on DTM Lock of the Week Meter – Lions -2.5

Kansas City Chiefs at Buffalo Bills  1 p.m. EST Sunday TV CBS 62 (Chiefs -1.5)

The Bills are a fascinating team as they have the type of talent to hang with anyone in the league, but as the season goes on is Kyle Orton really going to be able to keep playing at the level he is? The easy answer is no and now as he faces a tough Chiefs defense and a K.C team that seems ready to go on a roll, expect PAIN! ( Mr T Style). Love Bills WR Sammy Watkins a ton, but feel like he will struggle in this one and Chiefs QB Alex Smith will carve up a Bills secondary that hasn’t been tested as much as people think.

8 on DTM Lock of the Week Meter – Chiefs +1.5

ODDS TIDBIT—– Lions at 9-1 to win NFC and 20-1 to win Super Bowl XLIX. Lowest odds at this point in the season since the 1990’s.

Last week 4-1 yet againJ
DTM’S 2014 Record ATS:32-13 Super Swizzle On Fire Sticks
DTM’s 2013 Record ATS:43-26