NFL Combine Results for the Skill Positions

Marcus Torches Jameis

Joe Six Pack loves the stats from the combines and auditions.  When it comes to quarterbacks, we often become over infatuated with the 40-yard times.  Blazing speed does not always guarantee success as in the case of RGIII.  Out memories are short lived though and we all salivated as Marcus and Jameis were set to produce their times.  For all his mass, Mariota at his 222 pounds blazed a 4.52 time which reigned supreme at his position this year.  When it came time for Jameis, the Internet began to work overtime when his time was posted.  4.99 seconds brought a deluge of crab leg and bloated stomach images of the Florida State quarterback.  Is this stat the end all?  Of course not but it is just one of many reasons why Marcus will go before Jameis in the NFL draft.

Oh My Amari

People with the tools are not necessarily the most precise.  Reliance on afterburner speed sometime produces sloppy results.  Not so with Amari Cooper who has the rep of being a premier route runner.  Couple that with the number he posted at the combines and his stock is way up.  4.43 speed is enough of a combination to make him highly coveted.  On the opposite side of the spectrum is the prospect most likely to appeal to the riverboat gambler.  Someone will always want to reform a wayward soul.  Dorial Green-Beckham had problems at Missouri which caused his departure.  His size at 6-5 puts him in the wow factor.  Give him a 4.5 and people are thinking of a tad bit slower Calvin.  Look for him to go higher than the boards have him when the draft comes around.

Speed kills and nowhere as much so as in the pro ranks.  Spacing has become all the rage since Chip Kelly brought his brand of football to the league.  While the mobile quarterback has taken so dings to their reputation, Marcus will reign head and shoulders above all at the signal caller.  Amari will make his team proud but Dorial might make a mint or nothing with his chance.  The combine separates the men from the boys.  Apex Football Betting will continue to monitor this with the other positions in our next issue.