NFL Free Pick : San Diego Takes on Arizona

Preseason NFL Free Picks should always have a concrete angle that at least one team needs to work on.  Whether it is evaluating good depth at a skilled position or implementing an overhauled defensive scheme, the game can not just rely on emerging with health intact.  San Diego and Arizona is one of those games where certain positions and even attitudes are at a cross road.  During the next two games, these franchises will work hard to examine exactly where they are at for the upcoming regular season.  So let APEX Football Betting do the leg work and hopefully produce a profitable pick for us all to tail.

NFL Free Pick : Arizona Ground Game

Chris Johnson was signed this week for the Cardinals to add to the depth this team needs.  This position of for Arizona needs evaluation so look for this to be the focal point.  With a key offensive line free agent pick up going down last week, the blocking will be uneven at best.  Look for a lot of time to be consumed even if the drives do not really go anywhere.

Evaluating San Diego Backups

Even if Phillip Rivers does not shred them in the first quarter, the legions of Arizona defensive players on the second and third tier sorely lack in talent.  Kansas City’s second unit clubbed them up and down the field in the opener.  While improvement might be seen as players get their sea legs, the offensive line depth and quality for the Chargers is outstanding.  Look for more productivity late in the game from the Bolts.

An odd line movement is in this one.  Home for Arizona went from -1 for them down to – 2 1/2.  This is where the profit is on Saturday evening.  For your 8/22 Free Pick of the Day, take the road Chargers plus the points.  Few care if they win the game on either side but the depth is so much greater for the Chargers over the injured Arizona squad.  Good fortune and we will talk later here on Apex Football Betting.