NFL Futures are Here

A rigid adherence to the power structure is expected by the bookmakers next year for the NFL.  Very early futures have come out not only for the Super Bowl but other key races.  This provides pleasant speculation and distraction from the usual personality stories that dominate the offseason.  However, we will also look at Peyton, and others in this edition of Apex FootBall Betting.

A Trio Under +1000

  • Seattle +550
  • New England +600
  • Green Bay +750

It appears that Denver is finally falling out of favor with a +1100 to win Super Bowl 50.  A brittle quarterback with an aged arm has caused this future to balloon.  His under .500 playoff record is the worst in history with those that have one a Super Bowl.  Regular season warriors are not faring well either.  Look At New Orleans at +2800 and the wreck they are.  Now look at the Bengals at +2900.  Dalton and boys will almost certainly have the better regular season but no one expects them to do little in the playoffs with Andy at quarterback.

Fringe Becomes Main Stream

Ohio State being blessed with quarterbacks is no surprise that they are the favorite to repeat as college football’s national champion.  The program that came in second causes many eyebrows to raise.  It is not an SEC team.  Secondly, it was a non AQ just a decade ago when the likes of them and Boise State took college football by storm.  You guessed it, TCU has gone from the shunned to the second odds on favorite to hoist the trophy.  While Boise State is still a big fish in their small pond, TCU took their lumps and now are in the upper echelon in a Power Five Conference.  Kudos to this program and the brand of physical football that they play.

Finally, the two programs who will lose their face quarterbacks slid down the college football futures.  Oregon has stability and a new JuCo wonder.  This puts them at +2000 while FSU comes in at +3000.  With Winston gone, the winning element seems to have gone from the Seminoles.  It is never to early to gear up for next season.  Do your work and see which recruiting classes are not only the best but actually fill needs instead of stockpiling.  Until next time, we wish you good fortune from your friends at Apex Football Betting.