NFL Futures : Offensive Rookie of the Year

One of the markets most open for value in the NFL Futures for 2016 is the offensive rookie of the year.  A favorite with a second place candidate near +550.  After that, everyone else is over the +1400 level.  Good afternoon APEX Football Betting fans.  Today, we look at the incoming class for the 2016 regular season.  Some high draft picks spent on the skill position this year.  Really it comes down to only two quality candidates.  We will look at those two and find out which of the top two quarterbacks in this category will not get a sniff at the prize this year.

NFL Futures : Perks Of Online Wagering

Imagine finding a local that offers and you can trust with NFL Futures.  Long term relationship in which the person at the end of the barstool could up and leave at any time.  Online sportsbooks that have had a continued presence show their value in this aspect.  Shops like Americas Bookie have been around for over a decade paying people as quickly as they collect money on deposits. has a comprehensive list of advantages in wagering online that clearly demonstrates that this is the superior option.  Who else would you trust your Ezekiel Elliott -110 offensive rookie of the year future with?

Elliott is the Focus of the OTA’s

Dallas is in need of the power and touch that Ezekiel Elliott brings to Big D.  Their quality offensive line ranked ninth in rushing last year with a rag tag assortment of running backs.  Dallas over payed in getting the Ohio State graduate but from all appearances are going to use him from the get to.  This gives his future much more worth than Jared Goff +550 in Cleveland.  He has to fight RGIII for the starting role and Browns quarterbacks get shelled because of lack of pass protection.  #2 selection Carson Wentz is way up in the odds as it is generally agreed that he will be apprentice to Sam Bradford for one year.

Futures like this have great value.  A dominant player and we only have to pay -110 on this rock solid future.  All we need to do is find a shop that is here for the long haul and that pays like clockwork.  America’s Bookie fits this bill quite nicely.  Good fortune in this and the other NFL futures and props you place from now until the start of the 2016 season.