NFL Schedule Week 11 Free Pick Tenn at Jags

     NFL Schedule Week 11 comes in with a straight forward game.  Even though both teams are on the short work week, one is in much better position to take this down.  Tennessee is 2-7 visiting Jacksonville (3-6).  Find out at APEX Football Betting which side of the bread is buttered in this one right now.

A Panther Pounding

Carolina not only beat them 27-10 but the level of physical play was demanding in this one.  Tennessee did not do bad in third down conversion but languished in the rushing department.  The more simple plans in these fast turnaround games works the best.  Having the onus here on a rookie quarterback is due to disrupt his flow more than Bortles.

The Simple Things

Baltimore is no lightweight but can not lower the boom like the Panthers.  Even though the first sting Jags rusher might not make it to this one, Jacksonville has many able back ups to rush the ball.  Combine that with the weak Titans rushing defense and this one opens up for Bortles.  Blake will not be called upon to be more than what he excels at.

Simple and straight forward but yet the spread is only -3 on this one.  Jacksonville has so many plusses going into this one that the Titans have to play better to remain even.  This is not the side of the equation you want to be on for a paltry three points.  Good fortune on this and we will see you next time here at APEX Football Betting.