NFL Thanksgiving Free Pick : Two 7-4 Teams Lock Horns in San Fran

7-4 is a record whose success depends on the viewpoint of the franchise.  For the early game viewers, Lions’ fans would gladly take this record before the season started.  On the west coast, the NFC has loftier expectations and 7-4 is a sign of disappointment.  Discontent has been seen to ripple in both Seattle (7-4) and their bitter rivals, the 49er (7-4).  In ideal worlds, neither team is thrilled to be where they are at looking up at Arizona in the standings.  For the final game of this Thanksgiving NFL holiday, which team will be knocked down another notch to go 7-5?

The King’s Spoils Have Gone to Their Heads

Satisfied and full of themselves from last year’s Super Bowl win, the Seahawks have lost some of that hunger in their game.  It reminds one of the status of Rocky as Clubber Lang swooped in to take the champ’s title in Rocky III.  While 7-4 is not on the ropes, the champs have been content to coast much to the ire of Pete.  The press conferences from their players with Baldwin and Sherman providing not so great examples for the rest of the team.  They are in hopes of hitting that higher gear but does one really want to test the transmission on the Thanksgiving game?

NFL Free Pick Thanksgiving

Last Chance

The danger with betting the Niners is that you have to judge elements of the locker room that few are privy to.  Tension between higher levels of management are easy to see.  Success forgives most sins but unless they usurp both Seattle and make the Super Bowl, changes will be afoot.  If the Wolverines open up the coffers, Harbaugh might go to his dream job where his style works much better because the players recycle every four years or less.  Established reigns with hard ass coaches only work when the results get you rings.

All benefit of the doubt should go to Seattle in this one.  They proved their mettle and interest by taking down Arizona 19-3.  San Fran kept pace but only beat the disfunctional Skins at home 17-13.  Players coaches and short work weeks work the best.  Take the Hawks + 1 1/2 in this one.  Sometimes there is not the need for hardcore analysis but to just read the situation and realize that with two equal teams that Seattle is in the better spot here despite being on the road.  Happy Thanksgiving and let us cash this winner.