Not So Fast on That “Sucker Punch”

Stand by your man certainly has a new meaning in the NFL as more details are emerging from the day Geno got his clock cleaned.  What had been billed as a sucker punch is now so much more.  The story has changed so much that the future of the franchise is even more altered.  On that day, Geno Smith not only got his jaw crushed but lost almost all essence of leadership with the Jets.

Warranted by Some Team Mates

For even a young player not blessed with a million dollar deal, the six dollar nature of a debt is not worth going to war with over your star player.  The person in question knew this yet could not resist letting it go.  It became a matter with Mr. Smith who finally indicated that he was not going to pay it and there was not a dam thing he was going to do about this.  A blow to the pride but he could have held it in check if not for the last item.


Not a grand gesture by Geno Smith but what came next put this over the top.  He either put his finger in his face or made contact.  Either way was when the former Jet let loose with retribution.  Done and he was insta cut.  Rex Ryan of course found salt to pour in the wound by having the Bills sign him.  So where does leave the current state of the Jets?

While this does not change one iota most of this season, it effects years to come!  Some of his team mates have come out and said he deserved it.  When the locker room utters a peep against their “leader” against a player no longer there then there is trouble in paradise.  The worst thing now for Smith is the wait to try and get the respect back with play on the field.  In a tough division, the Jets are even stronger bet to go under in season wins at 7 1/2.  The price on it has fallen from -130 to -140 as people are jumping on this.  Good fortune to those that wager this at America’s Bookie and we will see you next time here at APEX Football Betting.