Position and a Generation Get Overpaid this NFL Free Agency

Free agent presents a time where we can see a few people get overpayed.  This year the purse strings were undone to see generations and positions as a whole become entitled.  Watch as the over thirty crowd find a new retirement home in the Midwest of America.  Next, a position that at best holds its own is finding cast offs to cash in monster amounts.  All of this and more in this edition of Apex Football Betting.

The Old Grey Mares

Stop gap solutions at nearly all key positions had some lauding the Colt’s free agent acquisitions. Since they are more than one year away from a championship, these transactions have an adverse effect.  They include

  • Frank Gore
  • Andre Johnson
  • Trent Cole

The Gore one in particular has the franchise again making another reach at running back.  Instead of using a draft blessed with backs, they go for an over 30 year old back who lives to absorb punishment.  There are reasons why retired running backs do not walk well. Frank has taken even more of a beating than most.  Most disappointing pickup this free agent period as a team goes to Indy.

Over Paid For Average Results

Corners fetched a high premium compared to what they take in.  All they do is at most stem the tide with two or three notable exceptions.  This is a passing league where the front office mandates all it can to protect the aerial fireworks.  Even the likes of Antonio Cromartie are cashing in big checks when they had one foot out of the league just last season.  Any one that is servicable is getting paid and this is a big mistake for your dollars against the cap.

Finally the AFC East as a whole did more to shake things up out side of Philadelphia.  Leaps and chances abound in Buffalo and Miami.  They might not catch the Pats but it makes them ever so nervous just by the sheer riverboat mentality displayed.  Rex is still here but he has come to play with ever so many new toys in Buffalo.  So let the AFE East futures roll when they come out as their is a glut of value on teams not named New England.  Good fortune from Apex Footbal Betting and we will start picking apart NFL futures next week.