Post Super Bowl Maneuvers Begin

Congratulations to the New England Patriots for getting the Super Bowl Trophy.  The play calling late of the Seahawks had a lot to do with it but the New England player did have to make that interception at the one yard line.  Now the debate can commence between Tom and Joe with which  one being the best of all-time.  We will leave that to the tavern.  In this edition. we look toward the future.  See what the Redskins have to say about their destiny and whom is in it.  Follow the redesign of the Dolphins and much more in this edition of Apex Football Betting.

Not So Shocking Redskins News

Letters to season ticket fans to help bolster sales is nothing new.  A time honored tradition that lists the key group of players whom the team pins their hopes on to lead them to the promised lane.  With this franchise faltering these last two years, one would expect almost anyone of note to be listed as key contributors to the cause.  Scanning the letter and we see no RG3 among those players.  He has a year left which will take a cap hit no matter what the team does.  It looks like Griffin will be there shelved and in spirit only as the organization prepares to move forward without him.

Miami Learning From Jacksonville


Want to keep your fans happy no matter what you put on the field?  Cater to their whims and make it an experience that those with disposable income can relate to.  Jacksonville has that clear glass pool that makes the bikini bar and the game indispensable to residents there.  Miami took this idea and married it with AARP it seems.  The Dolphins are doing considerable renovations to their crib and putting in high end living rooms.  Adorned with recliners, personal televisions, and quality, they seem convinced that older people will seem to part with some of their nest egg to rail the Dolphins on.  This might be considered to be Demographics Gone Wild.

Uncle Sam wants to get into the act with Brady gifting Butler the MVP truck he won.  That Brady has to pay the tax on the truck is no surprise as the tax man gets his.  What means they are on the ball is that they are seeking redress and want to tax it again as a gift.  This bill will be given to Malcolm Butler.  Brady will pay that also and the combined tab is $21k.  Small price for the icing on the cake for another title.  This does it for Apex Football Betting.  Tune in next time as we troll to see whom the oddsmakers have pegged for next year.  Good fortune and we will see you again.