Super Bowl 2019 Who’s Got the Goods? – A too Early Look

The 17/18 NFL season is but a distant memory but what a grand memory it was for the city of Philadelphia and every Eagles fan on the planet! The football gurus got this one wrong, the prognosticators, the crusty old wise guys in their paneled, smoke-filled Vegas halls, and the network talking heads, they were all wrong and not just a little bit wrong, they were dead wrong. The Eagles opened up last season at 50/1 odds to win the Super Bowl. Nobody believed in their chances, that is nobody other than Nick Foles, Carson Wentz and 78 other guys. They believed it and it happened.

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Who’s got the goods this year for a championship run, can the Eagles repeat? What about Tom Brady can he once again lead the Patriots to the big dance and at 41 years of age? It seems that Brady finds a new fountain of youth every single year. The guy never ages. The moment he has a bad half or bad quarter, folks are quick to jump on the bandwagon and say “ok, well it finally happened” Brady finally got old” and then we all see him playing in another Super Bowl!

As old as Brady is getting, on would think that the Patriots have finally lost favor with Las Vegas but not so fast. Vegas will believe in Tom Brady until the man has to rolled onto the field in a wheel chair! Why not? Every year he wins his division and every year he is a threat in the AFC, there is simply no reason to not respect him. Once again, Vegas has heaped on the respect by placing the Patriots as a 6/1 favorite to win it all, edging out the Eagles for the top spot.

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Look, every year the “handicappers” (TV guys) tell us that it can’t possibly happen again, “they are too old, they have lost too many players and Bill Belichick is tired”. What a bunch of dribble. Don’t listen to it; the best move is to ignore it and do the exact opposite of what those guys say. Most of the TV guys are former players and while they are certainly dialed into how players think and act and what goes on play by play, they are not quality forecasters. Do not relay on their opinions! If you are searching for solid and trustworthy opinions, then by all means find a great game adviser site and one that has trusted handicappers,

There are more than a few teams worthy of mentioning this season. Take a look at the current odds to win the 2019 Super Bowl.

New England Patriots ► 6/1
Philadelphia Eagles ► 8/1
Minnesota Vikings ► 10/1
Los Angeles Rams ► 12/1
Pittsburgh Steelers ►  12/1
Green Bay Packers ►  14/1
New Orleans Saints ► 16/1
Houston Texans ►  20/1
Jacksonville Jaguars ► 20/1
Los Angeles Chargers ► 20/1
San Francisco 49ers ► 20/1
Atlanta Falcons  ►22/1
Dallas Cowboys  ►33/1
Denver Broncos ► 33/1
New York Giants ► 33/1
Oakland Raiders  ►33/1
Baltimore Ravens  ►40/1
Carolina Panthers ► 40/1
Kansas City Chiefs  ►40/1
Detroit Lions  ►50/1
Indianapolis Colts ► 50/1
Seattle Seahawks ► 50/1
Tennessee Titans  ►50/1
Cleveland Browns ► 66/1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers  ►66/1
Arizona Cardinals ► 75/1
Washington Redskins  ►75/1
Buffalo Bills ► 80/1
Chicago Bears  ►100/1
Cincinnati Bengals ► 100/1
Miami Dolphins ► 100/1
New York Jets  ►100/1

Is there any value in the dark horses?

Absolutely there is and here is the best question to ask when thinking of investing in an NFL futures bet; who has a quarterback, who has a running back and who has at least a middle of the road defense? Put this combination together, do some handicapping, call the a Top online sportsbook and invest for the future. The Giants and Broncos had the best draft and they both have quarterbacks. Who else makesyour list?