NFL Preseason Free Picks Week One 8/11

Gridiron action returns this evening with our NFL Preseason Free Picks Week One edition for August 11th.  Chances to pocket profit right away at America’s Bookie on some suspect lines.  Welcome back to APEX Football Betting.  Tonight has five games with two strong angles to exploit.  Atlanta and the Broncos have pinged our radars.  What

AFC Futures : Over Optimistic About Denver? 4/14

One of the more popular and profitable AFC futures on the market is to wager on who gets to Super Bowl LI.  The market has been set but it is by no mean in cement.  Usual suspects are the top two with several teams nipping at their heels.  However, these candidates have not caught up

If Ever Oakland is Going to Do it

Rare times and omens abound when a Raiders team can win in Denver these days.  Doormats in the AFC West no more, Oakland is climbing back up to respectability.  At 5-7, the troops are rallied to try to get to 8-8 for a .500 season.  They have the offensive talent but can it all come