Best College QBs for 2016

Potent offenses propelled by the Best College QBs for 2016 should bring you wagering success next season.  Good afternoon and welcome to APEX Football Betting.  Today, we go over some of the best returning and new signal callers for college football.  Clemson quarterback will be up there as well as the Sooners main man but

College Football Season Win Totals : BYU

College Football Season Win Totals is a popular and profitable investment that gives one both entertainment and profit value over the course of the entire year.  Good Afternoon APEX Football Betting fans. There has been a recent trend of college football teams to up the ante in scheduling their opponents.  The SOS factor has been

2016 CFL Regular Season Opens

We are going to address the 2016 CFL Regular Season as it pertains to profitability in betting on itself and the college/pro product in the USA.  Good afternoon to all those who read APEX Football Betting.  The benefits of learning and betting on Canadian Football is immense for your bankroll.  A summer product with a

2016 NFL Preseason Peek

Under 100 days to the regular season means that we need a 2016 NFL Preseason peek to percolate our passions.  Good Day to all APEX Football Betting Fans.  We open up the books and take a gander ahead to the four weeks of preseason.  Most of the first week is a wipe except for the

Buffalo Bills Division Winner for 2016?

Big things projected for the Buffalo Bills in 2016 but is projecting them as a division winner in 2016 might be pushing things a bit too far.  Good Afternoon NFL fans as APEX Football Betting brings you one of the more startling predictions that has some logic in it.  Articles all around the Internet espouse

NFL Futures : Offensive Rookie of the Year

One of the markets most open for value in the NFL Futures for 2016 is the offensive rookie of the year.  A favorite with a second place candidate near +550.  After that, everyone else is over the +1400 level.  Good afternoon APEX Football Betting fans.  Today, we look at the incoming class for the 2016

Free Play Bonuses for Football Futures

One can savor the sports of summer and lock away free play bonuses for football futures.  Good morning from your friends here at APEX Football Betting.  Baseball, basketball, and hockey our in the midst of intense action while the NFL is gearing up for Fall wagering.  Alas all is not lost for the football minds

Always Opt For Offshore with America’s Bookie

Football wagering is a serious passion that takes moments to know and a lifetime to master.  The depths of stats and metrics alone can make those of us who are number gurus profitable each and every week.  That is not the only path to plenty as experience combined with a discerning eye give some people

NFL Live Lines Vulnerabilities After 2016 Draft 5/5

Draft day will have huge impact for teams but it might not reflect in the NFL Live Lines for Week One.  Instead of embracing the path that some teams took, the linesmakers have stood pat for the odds coming out of the gate for the 2016 regular season openers.  This has advantage to us.  We

Bet33 : Will 2016 NFL Draft Effect Week One Lines?

Tonight’s start of the 2016 NFL Draft might have a pivotal effect on some of the Bet33 Week One lines.  Hello and welcome to APEX Football Betting.  We have already seen shakeups at the top two spots with massive wheeling and dealings.  What more is on the horizon?  Can tonight’s events effect some of the