Flynn Could Fly Patriots Win Total Higher?

One of the keys for next year revolves around where Matt Flynn will land.  He has been at a bevy of stops but provides a suitable stopgap for teams in a pinch.  The Patriot s seemed to be inclined to agree with this statement as they have brought him in in for workouts.  Jimmy Garoppolo

Position and a Generation Get Overpaid this NFL Free Agency

Free agent presents a time where we can see a few people get overpayed.  This year the purse strings were undone to see generations and positions as a whole become entitled.  Watch as the over thirty crowd find a new retirement home in the Midwest of America.  Next, a position that at best holds its

NFL Futures are Here

A rigid adherence to the power structure is expected by the bookmakers next year for the NFL.  Very early futures have come out not only for the Super Bowl but other key races.  This provides pleasant speculation and distraction from the usual personality stories that dominate the offseason.  However, we will also look at Peyton,