NY Jets Preseason News and Free Pick for 8/19

NY Jets are a playoff contender with some problems on one side of the ball.  Great to see everyone back here at APEX Football Betting.  Can 2016 finally be the year that someone dethrones the Patriots off of their divisional perch?  Tom Brady out for four years and his ever shrinking arm can not fling

Not So Fast on That “Sucker Punch”

Stand by your man certainly has a new meaning in the NFL as more details are emerging from the day Geno got his clock cleaned.  What had been billed as a sucker punch is now so much more.  The story has changed so much that the future of the franchise is even more altered.  On

Bills Defacto Home Team with Linesmakers Also On Monday

Feet of snow sent everyone related to Buffalo Bills (5-5) scrambling to save the home game.  Alas the weather was not agreeable and the NFL set in motion an emergency plan.  The game is to be relocated to the home of the Detroit Lions, Ford Field.  On Monday at 7PM, both the Jets (2-8) and