Ezekiel Elliott Debut vs Seahawks 8/25

Big news as Ezekiel Elliott Debut has driven the wagering and fan interest in the 8/25 game.  Good to see everyone come back here at APEX Football Betting.  Today, we examine why this great news for Cowboys fans has had an odd effect on the betting lines for this one.  Seattle opened up in the four

A Hot Team Verses the Best Team

Frequently a regular season scenario, this situation has been seen in the NFL playoffs as well.  The most well known case is the Super Bowl with the Giants and the Patriots.  Eli came in on a roll and faced Brady’s pursuit of perfection.  While neither team is up to that level, the Panthers at the

NFL Thanksgiving Free Pick : Two 7-4 Teams Lock Horns in San Fran

7-4 is a record whose success depends on the viewpoint of the franchise.  For the early game viewers, Lions’ fans would gladly take this record before the season started.  On the west coast, the NFC has loftier expectations and 7-4 is a sign of disappointment.  Discontent has been seen to ripple in both Seattle (7-4)