The Superheroes of College Coaching

Now that the Power Five have assembled in the College Football Hall of Justice, we can get down to seeing which programs have Superman or Lex Luthor for coaches while pegging who is lead by Aquaman.   A colorful comparison that most can come to terms with.  We have assembled men of steel and wonder twins.  See where they rate in comparison to both reputation and on the field prowess.  This will give you illumination to pick program wins futures when the team is on the bubble for the over.

Man of Steel

  • Gary Patterson of TCU.  His program took the risk that the Boise State football team did not do and jumped up several notches in conference play.  He took his lumps for a year or two but the Man of Steel had TCU to legendary darkhorse status last year.  Many felt that this team was stronger than the Buckeyes.  Stayed the course and proved his worth.


  • Urban Meyer of Ohio State.  With time, he can come up with a plan that would make the A-Team jealous.  He out coached Saban and dissected the Oregon vaunted offensive game.  Few or none are better when they have time.


This one is easy.  Bob Stoops of Oklahoma.  The experts can not over rate his talent each and every year so it has to fall on the head coach.  Sooner Nation ends up most every year floating and going down when the tide rolls out.  They bob in the water way to much and fail in odd games.  Few if any have a real use for Aquaman in their lives.

Bruce Wayne

Saban all the way.  He has more money to do with than humanly possibly now.  He may not be in charge of every aspect but does control the one that counts.  Recruiting still gets his stamp of approval and his team still gets players into the first round of the NFL draft.  Slightly haunted, everyone still wants to hang with Bruce Wayne.

Edward Nigma

Creates trickery that is obvious in the end but can not be seen at the time.  Statue of Liberty anyone?  He has taken his lumps at Washington and now Chris Petersen can get his type of player to him.  If he can succeed here, he can ascend to Man of Steel status as the Pac-12 is deadly tough.  On sheer faith of ability, anything close on the season totals futures should be given to the over in homage to him.

All of these should be given careful consideration for the over on close football futures.  Patterson and Urban’s stock might be too high but I would not go on the under against them.  Meanwhile Saban and Petersen are due for upticks especially the Huskies program.  Meanwhile Stoops floats too much so it is time to flush him and go with a possible under.   Stay tuned next week at Apex Football betting for more offseason props and futures.