Tips for Betting the NFL’s Second Half at Online Sportsbooks

Week 9 in the NFL marks the start of the second half of the regular season. Teams that have yet to take their bye week have already played eight of 16 games and the ones that have already had a bye will reach that halfway point in this week’s game.

With half the season in the books, a few NFL teams have already played their way into an early offseason while a few others have put themselves on the fast track to a choice spot in the postseason. Everyone else in the middle is still jockeying for position in this year’s playoff race.

As an avid NFL bettor at your favorite online sportsbook that lives for Thursdays, Sundays and Monday nights this time of the year, it is time to make an honest assessment of where your first-half performance would fall.

The first group are the NFL bettors that have already burned through the bankroll that was supposed to last all season. The second group are the ones that may have worn out their welcome at their favorite online book with way too many withdrawal requests. Third group is probably the largest with a small loss or small gain over the first eight weeks of NFL betting action.

Online Sportsbook Betting With or Against the Public Consensus

If you are serious about improving your winning percentage over the second half of the season, you need to drill down deeper into your individual results to come up with a true picture of your NFL betting strategy. Knowing that you have won 48 percent of the bets placed is not enough. The questions you need answers to start with how have you done betting favorites verse your winning percentage on any underdog bets. What is your winning percentage on the total line? Have you made any bets using NFL moneylines? If you vary the units you bet on the games, then you should have a breakdown between winners and losers at every unit level.

All of this is part of taking a more professional approach to your NFL betting strategy even if you consider yourself to be a recreational sports bettor. You probably keep pretty close tabs on how you spend your money for other goods and services, so why not utilize the built-in analytics in your online sports betting account to track all the various first half results.

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Knowing where you have been is a very important part of the equation, but the key to improving your overall NFL return on investment over the next nine weeks involves knowing where you want to go. Even if you happen to be way up for the year against the books on your NFL bets, hot streaks do not last forever. A few tweaks here and there can help you extend that early success into your future betting plans.

If you did lose the bulk of your NFL bankroll with far more losers than winners, then it is probably time to make some wholesale changes to the way you are betting on the games. Maybe you need to dial back your unit amount or total units bet. The biggest change could to the process of how you come up with your weekly picks. Jumping all over favorites at the top of the consensus pick’s list is the quickest way to give your money to the online books.

Bookie Software – Choosing the Best PPH Service for Football

Each and every game you bet on needs to be evaluated on its own merits. There are no fast and easy shortcuts to the handicapping process against NFL betting lines that are the sharpest you will find in the entire sports betting industry. If you take the time to do your own homework instead of looking for gimmicky ways to come up with winners, you are bound to improve your current winning percentage over the second half of the NFL season.